London Pinball



"5 days of Pinball" - From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July, the UKPO and UKPC will be held at

"Flip Out London" It all kicks off on Wednesday the 17th of July at  Chief Coffee in Chiswick, West London. Full details can be found on the Pinballnews website 

   Cool Places

Flip Out London - A  giant place with a beautiful lineup. A nice mix of brand new Sterns and classic Bally/Williams. This place even has rare Zaccarias from the 80's like "Spooky". There are usually around  50 machines over here and they are AWESOME! Want to play a prototype "POTC"? Want to play "Addams Family"? They GOT IT! Want to play "Champions Pub"? You can play that too along with all the classics from the 90's. There is a league here every Thursday and many cool tournaments. Be a "member" for 20 pounds per month to play whenever they are open. Or just pay 10 pounds for one day. All the games are on "freeplay". Nice day out for everyone and there is a family friendly vibe here.

Brewdog Shepherd's Bush  - Awesome bar with 6 Sterns (usually) and occasionally a Bally's/Williams is around! Great community! Great Food/Beer! and? 

PLENTY of tourneys to play against/ meet some of the uk's best!

Chief Coffee - Just a "coffee shop"? NOPE! There is a 

"hidden secret" in the ultracool basement..... 8 Pinball

Machines!!!!!  They always have the latest Stern titles

like "Munsters"... And? they have classics like 

Cactus Canyon and Monster Bash. Fun for the whole

family over here! Amazing coffee and pinball?  Truly 

a one of a kind! They now have tourneys here too!